Sustainable sourced from the Arctic Ocean

Science from the Sea

Marealis AS is a Norwegian marine biotechnology company focusing on the development and commercialization of natural health products from marine peptides.

Our first commercial product:

Prevent high blood pressure with PreCardix®

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The Challenge
– High blood pressure

High blood pressure means there is too much pressure in your blood vessels. This can cause serious health problems such as heart attack or stroke.

An estimate of 30 percent of adults over the age of 20 suffer from hypertension – a blood pressure reading exceeding 140/90 mm Hg. Another 30% are prehypertensive, meaning their blood pressure is heading for this danger zone.

Together this amounts to more than 200 million people with elevated blood pressure in North America alone.

The Solution – PreCardix

Based on years of research conducted with the Norwegian institute of Fishery Science (Nofima), PreCardix® shows a very potent angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibiting effect of peptides from arctic coldwater shrimps. Since 2008, Marealis has worked with this concept and developed a patented product that will be sold in Canada under the brand name PreCardix®.

PreCardix® will be marketed as a natural health product to help maintain a healthy blood pressure and to help maintain and/or support cardiovascular health. PreCardix’ active ingredient is the patented marine ingredient Marealis RSPC.

A clinical trial conducted in 2015 showed a significant antihypertensive effect and the safety of the product.

Marealis RSPC and PreCardix® is now approved for the Canadian and US supplement market with health claims related blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Marealis have also received a novel food approval from EFSA for the use of shrimp peptide concentrate under the brand name PreCardix.

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The company

Marealis AS was founded in 2008, and is an Norwegian marine biotechnology company focusing on the development and commercialization of novel bioactive peptides derived from sustainable sources of the arctic ocean.

Marealis AS represents Science from the Sea focusing on high quality marine products with a strong scientific foundation with minimal impact on marine biodiversity. The company has a close cooperation with the institute of Fishery Science (Nofima, the University of Tromsø), as well as other well known international R&D companies (KGK Synergize, Intertek) and more.

Marealis AS has its office and employees in the arctic capital Tromsø, located 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.