Product and Technology

The active ingredient

Marealis RSPC is a powdered marine ingredient with documented antihypertensive effect, for use in natural health products and supplements.

Marealis RSPC is approved by the FDA, Health Canada and EFSA for use as active ingredient in health products and supplements sold and distributed in USA and Canada. 

The product is science backed through years of research, well-documented through several clinical trials, and natural produced from a sustainable & natural source.

The end product

PreCardix® is a natural health product specifically designed to help maintain a healthy blood pressure and to help maintain and/or support cardiovascular health. PreCardix® is the brand name of Marealis RSPC in tablet form. It is manufactured as an end product for consumers who seek to prevent hypertension. The antihypertensive effect and safety of product is well documented through multiple clinical trials.

PreCardix® is approved by the FDA, Health Canada and EFSA for consumption in the US, Canadian and European supplement market. In Canada & the US, the product is approved to be sold and marketed with health claims related to blood pressure and general cardiovascular health. 


Based on years of research conducted by the Norwegian Institutet of Fishery Science (Nofima), peptides from arctic coldwater shrimp shows a very potent angiotensin converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibiting effect. Since 2008, Marealis has taken this concept and developed a patented process and novel ACE-inhibiting peptide product – Marealis RSPC.

Marealis RSPC is derived by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of shell fractions from the arctic coldwater shrimp (Pandalus Borealis), the hydrolysate is then further refined into a peptide concentrate in powder form by Marealis’ proprietary process.