Photo of the norwegian mountains and ocean

The company

Marealis AS was founded in 2008, and is an Norwegian marine biotechnology company focusing on the development and commercialization of novel bioactive peptides derived from sustainable sources of the arctic ocean.

Marealis AS represents Science from the Sea focusing on high quality marine products with a strong scientific foundation with minimal impact on marine biodiversity. The company has a close cooperation with Nofima, the Norwegian Institute of Fishery Science, as well as the University of Tromsø in Northern Norway.

Marealis AS has its office employees in the arctic capital Tromsø located 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Corporate relations

Stella Polaris AS is the parent company of Marealis, is one of the world’s leading producers of arctic coldwater prawns. Stella Polaris has its production and head office in Kårvikhamn – a village in the seafood-rich Senja region in the North of Norway. Their sales and logistics department are based in Tromsø.

Stella Polaris AS owns 100% of Marealis AS and is also an important operational partner being the raw material supplier as well as contributing with strong industrial competence.

Marealis Health Inc. is the Canadian subsidiary of Marealis AS focusing on sales and marketing of the end product – PreCardix, to consumers around Canada. The subsidiary was established in 2017 after the product PreCardix was approved by Health Canada for the Canadian supplement marked.

Marealis Innovation is the Marealis’ sister company and hired R&D & production department. To secure the best product- and production quality and rapid product development, Marealis AS use Marealis Innovation for quality control and R&D in addition to production. Marealis Innovation is also working on new exciting projects and products on behalf of Marealis AS.